Best Packing Tips for Moving You Need to Know | Transmovers

Best Packing Tips for Moving You Need to Know | Transmovers

Best Packing Tips for Moving You Need to Know by Transmovers

Moving Day is super tiring in itself and it is also super annoying. The whole process pressurizes you because there are so many tasks that have to be completed on time.

Apart from a lot of work, packing can be the most time consuming part of the entire moving process. The best way to pack for moving is to start earlier rather than late.

Our best packing tips for moving are all about cut corners so that you can save your time, while ensuring that your belongings is safe. Keeping this in mind, here are the best packing hacks for moving you need to know for an effortless move.

  • Put the clothes on the hanger. Put the clothes on the hangers, then group them and wrap them in large trash bags, or hang them in a closet box.
  • Do not empty the dresser drawer. Remove the drawers from the dressing table, leave the items there, and then secure them by wrapping the drawers in plastic wrap. If it is not very heavy, you can leave the drawer in the dressing table and wrap the dressing table itself with plastic wrap.
  • Place linen, towels and other soft items for use: Wrap fragile items (such as glasses or perfume bottles) in socks for proper filling, and use linens and towels to cushion fragile items that are difficult to wrap (such as lamps and vases). In the kitchen, wrap knives and other sharp objects firmly with a towel and fix them with rubber bands.
  • Use a pot to hold small things. Don’t waste extra boxes to store small kitchen supplies (such as spices and gadgets), but use them to fill large pots and other sealable containers. You will save a lot of space.
  • Wrap a small amount of plastic wrap for things that may spill. Use plastic wrap to secure the lids of shampoo, cleaning supplies, soap, and other items you don’t want to pour out to prevent spills during movement.
  • Pack your Bags. You can pack a lot of heavy objects in a suitcase because their wheels are easy to move. Use suitcases to pack things that are not easy to transport, such as books and heavy utensils.
  • Color code box. Pick up a sticker or sheet of a different color and assign a room to each color to save your box labeling time. In this way, you can quickly identify where you need to go without having to look for a mark every time you seal the box.
  • Take pictures of the contents of the box. After packing the box, please take a quick look at the photos inside the box, in case you need to remember something in the future. Although you won’t be able to capture every item in the shot, it should help you get a rough idea of what is in each box.
  • Take a photo of the back of the TV. It may be difficult to remember where all these wires go. With the TV still plugged in, take a photo of the back of the TV so you can remember how to set it as a backup in the future.
  • Put together a moving essentials bag. When moving and just after arriving at a new location, bring a small travel bag or suitcase with you, which contains the items you need to use, such as important documents, medicines, chargers, basic toiletries, and a few changes of clothes.

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