Can I pick up Furniture during Lockdown ?

Can I pick up Furniture during Lockdown ?

Yes, of course you can! If you are moving house or just need to get rid of some furniture and you are stuck at home because of a lockdown, then you can use Transmovers service Man with a Van Melbourne .

As we all know, with such a rapid increase in the threat of Covid infection, we all are somehow shattered due to the on going pandemic. But with the government’s minimum safety protocols, it’s somehow difficult to pull off a successful moving process.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways that can help you relocate in a safe and healthy manner.

If you’re looking for that perfect piece of furniture, but don’t have the chance to pick it up yourself, then hiring a man with the van service is the way to go. There are a lot of advantages for hiring our service, such as the ability to pick up furniture during lockdown, moving house during lockdown with safe and measuring protocols.

While shifting homes, we keep in mind to take all precautionary measures for you and us. If you are looking to pick up a small load of furniture or like 1-2 bedroom house, then it is possible to do so during lockdown. And if you are looking for a larger load of furniture, such as 3-4 bedroom set, then again you will be able to do so during lockdown because the government has made it clear that people who wish to move home can continue to do so in all tiers, including during the national restrictions. This needs to be done safely and the process may be different to usual.

Transmovers can provide a man and a van service in Melbourne. While people can still move home, the process may take a little bit longer and be a bit different from normal as agents, conveyancers and other professionals have modified how they work in order to reduce the risk from COVID-19.

1. Renters and homeowners are still able to move
2. Removal firms and estate agents can still operate
3. Construction sites can still continue
4. Tradespeople are still able to enter homes

Make sure to carry all necessary documents, paperwork, or identification to highlight your reasons for moving if required by authorities. There may be some further requirements for moving in your area—so make sure to check your local government’s website or call the COVID hotline to see if moving is allowed under your specific circumstances.

Another way to ensure your health and safety while moving during the pandemic is to follow the safety protocols which we also follows as well and that can include:

1. Wearing of masks and gloves, if possible
2. Sanitize hands with either soaps or sanitizer.
3. Observe a safe distance from other people
4. Avoid touching anyone or anything to prevent virus
5. Provide extra sanitizing materials at different locations in your house

Get man with a van prices now!

Prepare a special bag on the big day filled with masks, sanitizers, waters, and snacks to eliminate the need to go to a convenience store which may increase your exposure to the virus.
It is possible to move during lockdown as long as you follow the proper safety precautions. The team  is experienced and knowledgeable in COVID-safe practices.

So get in touch with us today to book your move.

Call us at : +61 390878353

We are the best and reliable movers in town and near you who always helps you with best possible rates in such covid circumstances.
We offer a man and a van service in Melbourne that is available 24/7, so they will be able to pick up your items no matter when the lockdown is.

We also offer cheapest way to move furniture interstate in lockdown as well.

Here are some few tips for Moving interstate with Transmovers:

1. Get the Information You Need
2. Save Money on Your Move and trust Us!
3. Ask Your Friends for a cheap interstate removal company
4. Make Sure You Have Enough Clothing to Keep You Going until You Arrive
5. Start Preparing Now For The Big Day!

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