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    Furniture Removalists in Melbourne

    We pride ourselves on paying meticulous attention to detail in every part of our removals work. For total peace of mind we are fully trained in handling fragile & expensive items with complete care. All of our work is fully insured so you can enjoy your moving experience safe in the knowledge that we have you covered. Transmovers team will ensure your furniture is wrapped, loaded and unpacked with the utmost care; you can leave it up to us to do the heavy lifting and maneuvering.

    For total convenience we offer completely flexible services to fit with your time, budget, and any other personal requirements. To ensure this, we provide a free survey and quotation that is tailored to your needs. We are the best furniture removal company in your town. Call us today and grab a deal!

    We treat each item of furniture carefully, assessing its particular needs. It could be a three-seater in leather or an antique chaise longue with vastly different transport requirements. We’ll help you itemize all the furniture that you’re moving, we’ll provide and apply the appropriate protective packaging materials and we’ll ensure that loading on and off vehicles is done sensitively and with regard to the fragility of your items. When it comes to furniture removal,  residents know they can count on Transmovers to do the job properly.

    • At Transmover we plan things that make you get the satisfying and fastest services.
    • At Transmover we ensure you the safety of your valuable goods.
    • At Transmover you get the On-time delivery performance that makes us reliable, trusted, and professional.

    our prices

    We charge same rates on weekends
    Van with movers

    2T VAN

    With 1 mover per Hr


    • For moving few items
    • $20 extra for 2 movers
    • Minimum Job 2 hours
    • Troylley for moving

    4T TRUCK

    hour with 2 Movers

    $ 99

    • Packing materials
    • Tape for furniture
    • Tape for fragile items
    • Troylley for moving

    8T TRUCK


    $ 115

    • Boxes for packing
    • Tape for furniture
    • Tape for fragile items
    • Troylley for moving

    10T TRUCK


    $ 125

    • Boxes for packing
    • Tape for furniture
    • Tape for fragile items
    • Troylley for moving

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    When moving, the idea of opting to hire furniture removalist becomes significantly important. Hence, it is important for you to land your decision on the best furniture removals in Melbourne. Household furniture can both offer financial and emotional value, which is the reason why it needs to be taken with care. That is why, if you let someone with no skills in furniture removals, your valuable items may possibly get damaged or broken into pieces, which is not something that you want, for sure.

    The furniture removals of your choice will make sure that all your valuables are transported safely to your new place in a completely single piece. So here we are at Transmovers– the only affordable and reliable removalists near you. By working with us, you will have continuous guidance and support that is tailored to your circumstances. From packing your belongings to getting everything, your furniture and household items will be handled with care.

    We know how important it is to have everything you need at your new home in good condition. We work diligently to ensure that you can unpack your belongings to turn your new residence into a home without delay.


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    List of essential moving equipments and tools that Transmovers team carry to make your move easier, safer, and more efficient

    Lifting, holding and moving large furniture requires right techniques and appropriate tools. And when you try doing it yourself without right tools or knowing the right techniques, you are always at some risk. But when you have the tools and know the techniques used by professionals, you can move heavy and large furniture safely and with ease.

    You can rest assured, our movers come fully equipped with

    • Moving Blankets
      Moving Blankets
    • Shrink Wrap
      Shrink Wrap
    • Trolley
    • Straps
    • Basic tools
      Basic tools
    • Electric Drill
      Electric Drill


    The quote is absolutely free and receiving packing estimate or moving quote is necessary to determine what it involves and the cost of the move. This will also help the removal company in estimating the amount of space your goods will occupy in the removal van or moving truck. You can either obtain this by filling the online quote form or just by calling us, however, the quote will be as precise as accurately you have answered.

    The first step in selecting a good removal company is to ask the right questions and pay full attention to the provided answers. Many of us have heard plenty of moving horror stories and scams which are mostly reported through the local area’s news channels. However, if you select a reputable, registered, legitimate and a caring relocation firm with a lot of experience in the furniture goods transport industry, there will be no need to think twice.

    Yes! Why not, this is one of the many qualities TRANSMOVERS takes pride in. Each and every one of your items will be placed precisely where you would like them to be placed, hassle free. Our staff will do everything necessary to make sure your entire move is trouble free.

    Our goal is simple: to be excellent in everything we do. We aim to provide the best service we possibly can to all our customers and that means we are always reviewing our processes to see if they could be improved anywhere. This has successfully seen to long term customer relations with a large portion of our business seeing to return customers. Meeting our customer needs is our simple aim, by providing the best services at competitive prices means we can continue to grow the family business.

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