6-Week Checklist for Your Upcoming Move in Australia – Transmovers

6-Week Checklist for Your Upcoming Move in Australia – Transmovers


House Moving Checklist by Transmovers

6-Week Checklist for Your Upcoming Move – Transmovers

No one denies that moving is one of the most stressful life events. Yes, moving is stressful—but it doesn’t have to be. 

You can minimize the stress by preparing a checklist for your upcoming move. That’s why we’ve created a house moving checklist to help you to stay tuned with your main day.

Suggestion for the checklist that will give you plenty of time from today until the final day of moving.


Six- five Weeks to Go

When you’re six weeks out from a move you have a lot of time to search for and hire the best professional moving company who offer you the affordable removalists services. To make a hassle-free move its prime, your moving is being handled by expert movers, who give you a gratifying experience.

  • Gather important documents in one place like; birth certificates, social security cards, medical records, insurance policies, etc
  • Create a budget for moving expenses
  • Get a quote from moving companies
  • Hire the moving/removalist company in advance
  • Set up your physical utilities: water, gas, and electricity for your new house
  • Plan placement of furniture for your new house
  • Find cable and internet providers for your new address, order service, and schedule installation appointment.
  • Schedule new home improvements
  • Notify school, day-care etc about moving
  • Plan Your Packing Process
  • Sell second-hand items
  • Decide whether to bring electrical appliances


Four Weeks to Go

It’s three weeks to go! So try to do some important tasks like purchasing insurance coverage, car servicing, do non-essentials packing and is the time to also start selling and donating items.

  • Purchase moving insurance to cover all your valuables during the move
  • Car servicing is very important if you use your own car to drive to your new home
  • Now it’s time for packing. Start packing up boxing with non-essentials and seasonal items first.
  • Disposal of dangerous goods items including paint, fertilizers, fire extinguishers, fireworks, pool chemicals, etc
  • If you are travelling for a long distance, plan ahead your route and book a hotel
  • Make sure you notify vet of your upcoming move
  • Request copies of the veterinarian’s records and obtain any necessary pet medications
  • Notify Friends & Family of your upcoming move


Three Weeks to Go

It’s three weeks to go! It’s the high time to notify your service provider, owners, family and friends about your upcoming move. There is a lot to do like the line up for baby sitter, transfer utilities and of course, lots of newfound local to the new home.

  • Notify your Service Providers
  • Notify your house owners or renters, the insurance company of your upcoming move to your new home.
  • Don’t forget the clothes in the dry cleaners.
  • Find a new doctor, dentist, and vet in your new neighbourhood if you are moving out of town
  • Don’t forget to change your voting address
  • Arrange child sitter on moving day
  • Transfer Utilities like cable and internet, water, gas, electricity, security, phone, etc, if moving within the same city; you may be able to transfer utilities to your new house.
  • Decide what to do with plants whether you want to relocate them along with you 
  • Be sure to update Social Security & Medicare Mailing Address


Two Weeks to Go

It’s two weeks to go; it is the best time to return the things you borrowed. Start updating your accounts and other records with your new address. You also want to take these two weeks before your move to organize things like packing, meals, medication, pets, children, and with so many of things

  • Secure the Best Parking Spot for the Moving Truck and let the movers know the parking details as soon as possible
  • It’s time to Update Bank Account & Credit Card Billing Addresses
  • Return the borrowed things from neighbours, family, and friends
  • Cancel or transfer your membership in yoga studio, gym, etc
  • Make a list of emergency service technicians and preferred providers
  • Clean your furniture before it’s moved
  • Start cooking all available food in the fridge
  • Use all open bags/packets in the kitchen
  • Start throwing items that have met their expiration date
  • Make a list of precious and fragile items that need special care


One Week to Go

It’s one week to go! Now is the time to make sure to manage your belongings, organize your luggage and clean the house.

  • If you work from home then notify your colleagues about the move and update them with your new address
  • Clean Old Home
  • Complete the last-minute task
  • Inspect Old Home With Landlord before move out
  • It’s Time to Pack Kitchenware & essentials
  • Don’t forget to label the kitchenware box
  • Take Care of garbage Removal & Recycling
  • Watch the weather channel or forecast and prepare for rain or snow
  • During the first 24 hours in the new house, pack a basic item box you need
  • Keep some cash for an emergency
  • Make a worst-case plan in case your movers run late.


Moving Day

Finally, the moving day has come, make sure you get up early to start early. The sooner you move in, the more time you will need to start unpacking and moving into your new home.

  • Get Up Early on Moving Day
  • Do a Final Sweep of the House
  • Protect your Rugs and Carpets During the Move
  • Have Water Bottles On-Hand
  • Take Inventory
  • Get to Know your Neighbors
  • Hand Over the Keys

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