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    Most Trusted House Removals in St Albans

    When planning your upcoming move, it may at first seem that the do-it-yourself approach is the most budget-friendly option. However, after considering the many factors involved in a move such as packing, supplies, lifting, organizing and transporting but when hiring professional household movers wouldbe the most cost-effective and mindful solution. During a self-move, you will be responsible for renting your moving truck, gas, tolls, lodging, food and other expenses.

    At Transmovers we provide flexible packages, powered by competitive quotes, offering industry best charges to the clients for house relocation. If you are seeking quality within affordability, then we are just the one for you.

    We are house removalists in St Albans a family owned business, and our team are all employees who are well trained to ensure that your move happens on time, without fuss or bother while meeting or exceeding your expectations. From your first contact with us until the last item is safely placed in your new home or office, our team of professionals will take good care of you and your precious possessions.

    • At Transmover we plan things that make you get the satisfying and fastest services.
    • At Transmover we ensure you the safety of your valuable goods.
    • At Transmover you get the On-time delivery performance that makes us reliable, trusted, and professional.

    our prices

    We charge same rates on weekends
    Van with movers

    2T VAN

    With 1 mover per Hr


    • For moving few items
    • $20 extra for 2 movers
    • Minimum Job 2 hours
    • Troylley for moving

    4T TRUCK

    hour with 2 Movers

    $ 99

    • Packing materials
    • Tape for furniture
    • Tape for fragile items
    • Troylley for moving

    8T TRUCK


    $ 115

    • Boxes for packing
    • Tape for furniture
    • Tape for fragile items
    • Troylley for moving

    10T TRUCK


    $ 125

    • Boxes for packing
    • Tape for furniture
    • Tape for fragile items
    • Troylley for moving

    Client Trust In Us


    KM For Year


    Tons Of Goods


    Jobs Done


    We are moving house removalists in Melbourne who take great pride in providing first rate customer service.

    • Fully bonded, licensed and insured.
    • We offer professional packing and unpacking services.
    • We provide highly rated residential and commercial services.
    • Our polite and experienced professionals always aim to be on time.
    • We own our own truck fleet and have a wide variety to meet your needs.

    Hiring the right House Removalist in St Albans

    For smooth house removals in St Albans, trust the experts at Transmovers. Who ensures the safety of your valuable goods.

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    List of essential moving equipments and tools that Transmovers team carry to make your move easier, safer, and more efficient

    Lifting, holding and moving large furniture requires right techniques and appropriate tools. And when you try doing it yourself without right tools or knowing the right techniques, you are always at some risk. But when you have the tools and know the techniques used by professionals, you can move heavy and large furniture safely and with ease.

    You can rest assured, our movers come fully equipped with

    • Moving Blankets
      Moving Blankets
    • Shrink Wrap
      Shrink Wrap
    • Trolley
    • Straps
    • Basic tools
      Basic tools
    • Electric Drill
      Electric Drill


    You are more than welcome to assist with the move in order to speed things up and ultimately save money. However, we do recommend that you follow instruction from our movers as they have thorough knowledge of how to best fit your furniture in our trucks.

    Being a leading best house removalist in St Albans , our relocation services include plants and pets, provided you inform us beforehand so that we can make necessary arrangements.

    In addition to being best house removalist in Pakenham, we also deal with all sorts of house moving projects that involve packing your delicate belongings and delivering them to your new address. Ranging from furniture and carpet removals to electronics and breakable stuff, we are skilled in dealing with everything

    As you know that each move is unique and different from each other. This really depends on the distance and amount of goods you are moving. Some simple things are also considerable like where we can park the truck or are there any stairs; these things can add an extra time in loading etc.


    The below is what on an average a job takes. But that is just a rough estimate and it will depend on the circumstances on the day

    2T and  4T truck takes anywhere between 2-4 hours

    8T Truck average is generally between 4-6 hours

    10T Truck can range anywhere between 6-8 hours

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