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    Best Office Movers in Thomastown

    Moving your business to a new location can be a complex process, but we will help you break the process down into manageable parts, helping to ensure your business has a smooth relocation to your new location.
    Whether you’re just a few people moving to a new location, a small company switching to a new serviced office, a hospital or medical center making a move, or a large multinational making a big move to another part of the country – or abroad – we can help your business relocate with little to no disruption to your day-to-day activities. Businesses have been trusting us with their office and commercial relocations for over years as we are the best office movers in Melbourne and we are confident we have some of the best staff in the industry.

    Transmovers take pride in helping our customers have successful office moves, with as much – or as little – assistance in the planning and preparation as you’d like. Take advantage of our expertise and have the best office relocation possible. Contact us today for a free quote, no obligation discussion of your business moving needs.

    • At Transmover we plan things that make you get the satisfying and fastest services.
    • At Transmover we ensure you the safety of your valuable goods.
    • At Transmover you get the On-time delivery performance that makes us reliable, trusted, and professional.

    our prices

    We charge same rates on weekends
    Van with movers

    2T VAN

    With 1 mover per Hr


    • For moving few items
    • $20 extra for 2 movers
    • Minimum Job 2 hours
    • Troylley for moving

    4T TRUCK

    hour with 2 Movers

    $ 99

    • Packing materials
    • Tape for furniture
    • Tape for fragile items
    • Troylley for moving

    8T TRUCK


    $ 115

    • Boxes for packing
    • Tape for furniture
    • Tape for fragile items
    • Troylley for moving

    10T TRUCK


    $ 125

    • Boxes for packing
    • Tape for furniture
    • Tape for fragile items
    • Troylley for moving

    Client Trust In Us


    KM For Year


    Tons Of Goods


    Jobs Done


    One thing that should be kept in mind is to hire only the best, trusted, and reliable office removalist company in Melbourne that are having vast years of experience in handling all the daunting chores of moving and relocating the place from the old location to the new one, either locally, internationally, or to some another city in the same country.

    • Planning for the upcoming move :-the discussion of all the details with a personal manager, and the possible on-site estimate by our company’s experts.
    • Preparation of all the necessary tools necessary for the move :-disassembly, packaging case and upholstered furniture, and other technical equipment, all technical and other documentation, as well as personal necessities.
    • Organization and follow-up involving specialized transportation vehicles.
    • Unloading, unpacking and placement of the transported property.
    • Cleaning and disposal of garbage.

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    For satisfying house moving day anywhere in Australia, trust the experts at Transmovers. Who ensures the protection of your valuable goods.

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    List of essential moving equipments and tools that Transmovers team carry to make your move easier, safer, and more efficient

    Lifting, holding and moving large furniture requires right techniques and appropriate tools. And when you try doing it yourself without right tools or knowing the right techniques, you are always at some risk. But when you have the tools and know the techniques used by professionals, you can move heavy and large furniture safely and with ease.

    You can rest assured, our movers come fully equipped with

    • Moving Blankets
      Moving Blankets
    • Shrink Wrap
      Shrink Wrap
    • Trolley
    • Straps
    • Basic tools
      Basic tools
    • Electric Drill
      Electric Drill


    We offer a tailored service to fit your exact requirements, so depending on the size of the office and destination, we can offer same-day services for some clients.

    You will receive a summary of the insurance policy, this is provided with every free no obligation survey and quotation.

    You will receive a summary of the insurance policy, this is provided with every free no obligation survey and quotation.

    Yes! Many of our clients have required us to get their IT equipment delivered, uncoupled and reinstalled in their new premises within just a few hours, which is absolutely no problem for us. Whatever your requirements, we go out of our way to ensure they are met – right down to the last detail – and we will plan your move accordingly.

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